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Whether you're a sole proprietor or you run several locations, providing your customers with flexible buying options is a top priority today.  One of the easiest ways to integrate additional payment options into your business is to use what's already in your pocket or your hand right now: Your smartphone.  Your phone is not only a powerful tool for you as a consumer, but its useful for your retail or mobile business as well.  

How do smartphones process credit card payment?
Not too long ago, merchants used cash register systems or landline based credit card machines at checkout. These solutions were wired to your location and did not allow for any portability.   

Today's mobile card readers however easily connect to any phone or tablet and allow you to take payment anywhere.  You simply need to download the appropriate payments app on to your device, plug in your mobile card swiper to the audio jack (if your phone still has an audio jack) or connect via bluetooth.  At the time of purchase, the merchant simply keys in the amount of the transaction and the customer swipes, dips or waves their card near the contactless payments-equipped reader and the transaction is complete.  This can be done in the store, on the road, in line, table side, at a vendor show, anywhere. 

Use your phone to expand your business.  
You've already come to depend on your phone to make your personal life easier, so why not use it to make your business life easier as well?  Contact Any Payment Solutions to discuss how using a mobile reader and your phone or tablet can provide efficient payment options for your customers.  Your business will never be the same again.
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Thursday, 20 June 2024

In addition to e-commerce, we help small businesses find the best payment solutions for their type of business. Whether you are a retail store, a medical office, restaurant, a food truck, a mobile vendor, a mobile business or you are in the service industry, we will help you find the right hardware and software for your needs. If it isn't easy for your customers to pay you & it isn't affordable for you to get paid, something's not right.

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